XXI European AN-2 Meeting 8-11 August and International Aviation Festival 10 August 2019.

8-11 August European AN-2 Meeting at S. Darius and S. Girėnas airfield (EYKS)

10 August International Aviation Festival

The Aviation Festival will includes many aviation shows: the appearance and shows of the acrobatic airplanes, individual aircrafts, ultralight aircraft and air balloon shows, parachutes, individual helicopters appearances, etc. The festival will include Polish and Latvian aeroclubs and other participants from foreign airfields. The festival also includes a wide cultural program: musical concerts, trade in various products, folk artists and craftsmen workshops, entertainment for children and adults. Aviation festival will be open to the public, therefore, it will attract not only the inhabitants of the city but also the guests of Kaunas city.


E-mail:  21an2meeting@gmail.com

+ 370 698 13724 Stasys

+370 698 22112 Vytas


* XXI European AN-2 Meeting and International Aviation Festival program coming soon.